ThoroughBid conducts all of its auctions in accordance to the latest Bloodstock Industry Code of Practice published in August 2021 (The New Code).  

ThoroughBid expects all users participating in any auction to adhere to 'The New Code' at all times. 

Vendor's attention is drawn to the ThoroughBid Conditions of Sale, which are accessible via the website at the bottom of the page.

What you will need to register an account and enter a horse:


To register an account


•            Your Mobile Phone (and computer if you can’t pickup your emails on your phone)

•            Passport or Driving License (if based outside the UK)


To enter a horse


•            Horse’s Passport (for microchip number)

•            Owners bank details, contact details, and VAT registration details


Step 1: Follow this link ThoroughBid | Online auction, or type into your internet search bar.


Step 2: On the main homepage, click “register” . This will take you to a page where you can enter your details and set up an account. You will receive a code which will be text to your phone and then an email to verify you are a real person! If you don’t receive either of them, first check your junk/spam mail (email) or give us a call . Once this has been done we will then verify you from our end, and you will be able to enter your horse.


Step 3: Once you have an account and are logged on; click the “enter a horse” located tab along the top of the page.


Step 4: Select the type of horse you are entering in the sale and the type of entry you wish to have (detailed below) from the drop-down boxes. Click Next.


Step 5: Begin entering your horse’s name. After you have typed the first few letters, it will show you a list of horses with the same lettering and you should select yours. It will then fill in the known information about the horse ie pedigree, DOB etc.


Step 6: You will have to manually fill in colour, height, and microchip number. If your horse is eligible for any bonus schemes such as GBB please enter this in the bottom box (these can be important selling points). If the horse’s weight is known this can also be filled in. Click Next


Step 7 : Next you will be asked for catalogue details. You should fill in who is consigning the horse (all boxes must be filled in) , where it is consigned from (where potential purchasers can view the horse) and select all the options which apply to the horse ( box walker etc). Click Next.


Step 8: Now you must fill in the horse’s owner details. If you own the horse, you can click “fill in with account information” and it will fill your details in for you. Please ensure banking details are correct as we will use them for payment.


Step 9: Finally, you must select who you are in relation to the horse (Consigner for example) and tick the relevant boxes.

Step 10: Click finish and your horse has been entered.


I have attached a PDF to this email ; this will tell you which documents you will require in order for the horse to be sold at a ThoroughBid auction. This can also be found on the downloads section of the website.


To enter another horse, just click “enter a horse” again, and repeat steps 4 to 10.


There are two entry fee options:


Standard Entry: £250 +VAT

Please note: if you use this options you will need to produce video and photo shots yourself. The following video will show you how to maximise this area. How To Prepare A Horse for Online Auction - YouTube

With ThoroughBid especially,  the videos and photos are incredibly important and can impact what happens at auction.




1.           Head shot

2.           Near side (all four legs visible)

3.           Off side (all four legs visible)

4.           In front (legs square and from the height of the legs.)

5.           From behind (legs square, tail tied up or out of the way so you can see the legs clearly.).

6.           Front legs side on.

7.           Back legs side on.




1.           Walking from both sides with a slo mo shot.

2.           Walking straight towards the camera.

3.           Walking straight away from the camera.

4.           Trotting both sides.

5.           Trotting straight towards the camera.

6.           Trotting straight away from the camera.



Bespoke Entry: £350 + VAT which will include:

•            A professional videographer to come and photograph and video your horse

•            A professionally edited video with the choice to include your logo

•            We will upload all photos and videos on your behalf


Before your horse is catalogued the entry fee must be paid in full. This can be done by card or by bank transfer.

Once you have entered your horse: add DOCUMENTS and PHOTOS as below:


Step 1: Click ‘My Account’ located at the top right of your screen


Step 2: Click ‘My Entries’. Here you should see the horses you have entered.


Step 3: Click the ADD MEDIA button


Step 4: Here you can upload photos/ videos/documents. Make sure you press UPLOAD at the bottom of the screen when you have chosen all your files.

Standard Entry Fees are £250+VAT and Bespoke Entry Fees are £350 + VAT which must be paid before a horse can be catalogued. 

Upon sale, the vendor will be charged 5% commission. 

***Please note that until a horse is paid for it will not be listed on our website***


  • Entries close at on the designated day specified on the auction page. However, Wildcard entries will be accepted at ThoroughBid's discretion, contact the office directly.
  • Video and photo deadline- 9am on the day of catalogue launch by uploading pictures and videos to MY ENTRIES section on the website. For those with bespoke entries, ThoroughBid will organise this.
  • Health certs and veterinary information - 24 hrs prior to auction starting by uploading pictures and videos to MY ENTRIES section on the website.

Each Lot is sold subject to one or more of the following basis for sale:

1. 'Sold with a Pre-Sale Veterinary Certificate' and 'subject to post-sale re-examination' 

2. 'Sold with a veterinary certificate of pregnancy' and 'subject to post-sale re-examination'

3. 'Sold with a veterinary certificate of suitability for breeding' and 'subject to post-sale re-examination' 

Vendors should note that horses sold will be subject to the following testing below:

  • Horses in and out of Training- Anabolic steroids, Bisphosphonates, Clenbuterol, Corticosteroids, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Piroplasmosis
  • Yearlings- Anabolic steroids, Bisphosphonates, Clenbuterol, Corticosteroids, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Piroplasmosis
  • Broodmares- Piroplasmosis
  • Stallions- Piroplasmosis
  • Foals- No testing

Vendors are reminded to disclose any and ALL vices, unsoundness, and other important veterinary information (including wind operations)  at time of the entry. (As referred to clause 9.1 in Schedule 1, Terms of Sale, of ThoroughBid’s Term and Conditions).

Vendors attention is drawn to the documentation in the downloads section,  'Documents Required from Sellers'  which are required for each lot as described in Schedule 3, of ThoroughBid’s Terms and Conditions.

These will also be emailed to you upon entry.

All vets documents MUST be presented to ThoroughBid by the day before the sale. Whilst we understand that lab results for CEM and EVA tests can be delayed , we reserve the right to withdraw any horse who does not present the correct documentation by 24 hrs prior to the slae. 

The details and descriptions of all lots in sales are provided by the Vendors who are solely responsible for their accuracy. Pedigrees will be provided by ThoroughBid from Arion Pedigrees LTD, it is also the Vendor's responsibilty to check the accuracy of these.

All reserves will be the minimum selling price. Vendors will be asked for a guide price prior to the sale in order to introduce the horse at an appropriate starting price. Vendors therefore must protect their horse to the price they want.

Bidding will open at the designated time specified on the auction page. Lots then finish at two minute intervals from the disignated closing time. Any lot that is bid on in the last two minutes will extend that lots time by two minutes. That extension will continue until no one bids in the last two minutes. 

All vendors are reminded that they must make every reasonable effort to allow purchasers to view/ vet horses from catalogue launch up until time of sale.

When the Vendor is the highest bidder for their lot and wishes the lot to be listed as "Bought In" rather than "Unsold". Under these circumstances vendors will be charged 5% commission on the hammer price.

If the vendor is the highest bidder they will recieve the purchase confirmation form, on which they can select bought back or not sold.

This is a function for re-offering unsold lots for a period of 14 days post sale day. Potential purchasers can submit an offer to secure an unsold horse subject to their offer being accepted by the vendor. 

Any horse sold outside of this process during the 14 day timeframe, will be subject to 10% vendor commission .

Sales proceeds will be available from the 7th working day after hammer fall (subject to there being no disputes).

RVB Currency UK Ltd (“RVB”), a UK registered company (company number 7586693), is the banking services provider to Thoroughbid Limited. RVB is regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institution (FRN: 593854) and is regulated by HMRC as a money transmitter under license number: 12653819. RVB Terms & Conditions dated 1st September 2020 are available at Elsley Court, 20-22 Great Titchfield Street, London. W1W 8BE. Tel: +44 20 31 37 68 81 

Åland Islands, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, Saint Martin (French part), Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States. 

Please note, payments can be instructed to countries outside of this list as long as the country is not sanctioned. 

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