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The purchaser of any lot will be charged commission of 5% of the hammer price.  The vendor of any lot will be charged 5% of the hammer price. 

It is recommended that potential new owners of horses sold with an engagement, contact the relevant body in the jurisdiction in which the horse is to be trained, to ensure that they know the criteria which must be met in order for the horse to take up its engagement.

New owners must be registered by a certain date if they wish the horse to take up its engagement and it is their reponsibility to find out this information.

In Ireland, HRI must be contacted. In the UK, Weatherbys must be contacted and in France, France Galop must be contacted. 


Withdrawals must have a verified veterinary note to certify withdrawal if they wish to be refunded. All refunds will be subject to a withdrawal fee.

ThoroughBid has the right to refuse to refund. 

Visit and click on blue box REGISTER.

What you will need to register an account:

•            Your Mobile Phone (and computer if you can’t pick up your emails on your phone)

•            Passport or Driving License (if based outside the UK)

By clicking register, this will take you to a page where you can enter your details and set up an account.

Once you have entered your details, you will receive a code which will be texted to your phone and then an email to verify you are a real person! If you don’t receive either of them, first check your junk/spam mail (email) or give us a call. Once this has been done we will then verify you from our end, and you will be able to enter your horse. 

Please note: Outside of the UK you will also need to provide and have I.D. verified within this process.


No, for security purposes, you can only be logged into an account on one device at a time.

Go to the login page and then click on the “I forgot my password and username link”.

  1. Register for an account
  2. If you are a vendor: Enter your horse and pay for your entry. You will recieve an email with an invoice and details of documents/ photos we require. You must then submit relevant documentation by the given deadlines.
  3. Vendors and potential purchasers: The catalogue will be launched by us, notification will be available on social media and via emails: horses are to be available for inspection to prospective purchasers.
  4. On the specified date and time stated on the auction page, the bidding will go live and lasts for a set amount of time as specified.
  5. Vendor you are responsible for protecting your horse up to the value you want, because the reserve is the minimum selling price (£1000 unless otherwise specified). This therefore means that every bid is a real bid whether it be vendor or potential purchaser.
  6. Lots will end at two minute intervals, extending if someone bids within the last two minutes.
  7. A Purchase Confirmation Form will be sent out to the victorious bidder. This must be filed in and sent back to us ASAP, as this is our invoicing information. If you are the highest bidder and the vendor, just select this on the Purchase Confirmation Form. 
  8. Funds can be recieved in various currencies, just select which you would like to pay in on your purchase confirmation form.
  9. Purchasers have until midday on the third working day to transfer funds. The vendor should not release the horse to the purchaser until we have notified them that we have recieved the funds.
  10. Vendor funds will be available from 7 working days after the fall of the hammer. 
  11. Purchases made via the make an offer system will be subject to the same time frame from the moment the offer is accepted.

To view the next upcoming catalogue, click on AUCTIONS and pick the relevant auction. Only auctions with a live catalogue will be available to select.


Click on ENTER A HORSE and follow the process.

You will need:

•            Horse’s Passport (for microchip number)

•            Owners bank details, contact details, and VAT registration details


Step 1: Follow this link ThoroughBid | Online auction, or type into your internet search bar.


Step 2: On the main homepage, click “register”. This will take you to a page where you can enter your details and set up an account. You will receive a code which will be texted to your phone and then an email to verify you are a real person! If you don’t receive either of them, first check your junk/spam mail (email) or give us a call. Once this has been done we will then verify you from our end, and you will be able to enter your horse.


Step 3: Once you have an account and are logged on; click the “enter a horse” located tab along the top of the page.


Step 4: Select the type of horse you are entering in the sale and the type of entry you wish to have (detailed below) from the drop-down boxes. Click Next.


Step 5: Begin entering your horse’s name. After you have typed the first few letters, it will show you a list of horses with the same lettering and you should select yours. It will then fill in the known information about the horse ie pedigree, DOB etc.


Step 6: You will have to manually fill in colour, height, and microchip number. If your horse is eligible for any bonus schemes such as GBB please enter this in the bottom box (these can be important selling points). If the horse’s weight is known this can also be filled in. Click Next.


Step 7 : Next you will be asked for catalogue details. You should fill in who is consigning the horse (all boxes must be filled in), where it is consigned from (where potential purchasers can view the horse) and select all the options which apply to the horse ( box walker etc). Click Next.


Step 8: Now you must fill in the horse’s owner details. If you own the horse, you can click “fill in with account information” and it will fill your details in for you. Please ensure banking details are correct as we will use them for payment.


Step 9: Finally, you must select who you are in relation to the horse (Consignor for example) and tick the relevant boxes.


Step 10: Click finish and your horse has been entered.


The cost of listing is £250+VAT per horse for standard entry and £350+VAT for a bespoke entry.

As of January 2024, the standard entry is waived if the horse does not sell.

Those selling as part of a business transaction outside the UK will not be subject to VAT.

Click on MY ENTRIES, then select appropriate document type and upload. Photos must be uploaded as PDF's and videos must be uploaded with a YouTube URL.

Yes as PDF's, on the MY ENTRIES section.

Yes, both vet checks and inspections can be arranged by contacting the consignor directly from the time the catalogue is launched.

The full explanation of the ThoroughBid catalogue is available from the downloads section.

Our pedigrees are created by Arion Ltd. They use the traditional principle of black type but with different colours to denote different grades of win or place. This is to make it more obvious to viewers on first glance what horses within the pedigree have achieved.


There is a key on each of the pedigrees to explain which colour is linked to each band of race.





“The Great British Bonus (GBB) is an industry-wide prize scheme with the primary aim of encouraging the breeding and ownership of British-bred Flat and Jumps fillies. Owners, breeders and connections of winning GBB-registered fillies can win up to £20,000 in bonuses per eligible race. The benefits of the scheme are being felt across the industry: by those benefiting from the prize money (owners, breeders, jockeys and stable staff), and in the sales ring, as demand for – and value of – British-bred fillies increases.”


“When a stallion is registered to the EBF all progeny resulting from that year’s coverings are automatically EBF qualified for life. Once a horse is EBF qualified it is eligible to run in any EBF confined race throughout Europe. Over 80% of two-year-old races are confined to EBF eligible horses numbering nearly a thousand races per year.”

Breeders Cup Nominations

“All foals sired by a fully nominated Breeders' Cup stallion are eligible for nomination to the Breeders' Cup program in their year of birth.

A Breeders' Cup nominated foal is eligible to participate in all Breeders' Cup racing programs each year and the $31 million Breeders' Cup World Championships races for its entire racing career without any further nomination payments due.”

IRE Scheme

“The scheme will award a Sales voucher of €10,000 to owners of Irish-bred winners of up to 150 selected races across the Flat and National Hunt programmes in Ireland and Britain in 2021.

The owners of each eligible winner – those carrying the (IRE) suffix and Foal Levy compliant – will have until the end of the following year to spend their voucher on Irish-breds at Irish Sales.”

£1000. ThoroughBid has the right to change this for each sale, the minimum price will be published on each auction page.

Once registered simply click on the horse you wish you bid on and place your bid.

No, once you have clicked confirm you cannot retract your bid.

No bid shall advance less than £200 up to £2,000;
£500 up to £20,000;
£1,000 up to £50,000;
£2,000 up to £100,000;
£5,000 up to £500,000;
£10,000 up to £1,000,000;
£50,000 thereafter. 

Any bid placed in the  last two minutes of a lot will extend the deadine of the lot by 2 minutes.

You will receive email and or text updates each time you place a winning bid or to notify you that you have been out bid. You can opt out of either or both in the MY DETAILS page.

You will receive an email and text confirming that you have bought your lot. You must then fill in the Purchase Confirm Form which will be recieved by email.

Fill out purchase confirmation form within 30 minutes of receipt. You must then pay for your lot once you have recieved your invoice. The payment deadline is midday on the third day after the sale. 

Buyers wishing to contact purchasers must use the information provided on the listing page.

Subject to there being no dispute surrounding the sale, the vendor's funds will be available from the 7th working day after the horse's sale.

The horse can be collected as soon as ThoroughBid have received payment in full. We will alert purchaser and vendor when payment has been received.


The horse must be collected by the end of the third day after the day the horse was sold.


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