Sep 21, 2021


Be as thorough as possible 

When listing your horse for sale, it’s really important to fill out all the details on our website. By leaving some parts out, you are potentially restricting browsing customers from viewing important information which may help them. 

Get snapping 

We can’t recommend enough how important high quality; clear and descriptive images are. The vendor needs to make sure the snaps are shot in focus, with good contrast, meaning buyers can see exactly what they are bidding on. 

Say cheese!  

If you can get your hands on one, we’d recommend a DLR camera or equivalent to avoid distortion of the images and giving you the best chance of getting some great pics of your horse. If a camera phone is your only option, don’t panic! Just make sure the pictures are taken from a good distance away (six or seven metres) and hold the phone in landscape mode. It’s also best to take pictures outside, with the sun behind you, in order to avoid glare. 

Keep these things in mind 

It’s best if your ad features at least one headshot, one side-on shot and several photos of the horse in action. Make sure you don’t crop out any parts of the horse on the full-body shots as these photos need to be an accurate representation of the horse and their abilities. In short, give the buyer as much imagery as possible! 

Lights, camera, action 

As well as providing the necessary images of the horse, it’s also a good idea to put up a video of your listing too. We find that prospective buyers like to see the horse moving and trotting up, so if you can upload a video or two of them doing so, please do! 

If you follow these pointers, you should be all set to list your horse on our site. Remember ThoroughBid is a solely online platform, so the more information you can put on the page about your horse the better! 

If you need any help or have any questions on listing your horse, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 

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